Swee Heng Bakery Pte Ltd

Swee Heng Bakery was set up in 1989 with a start-up capital of just $240K. It was a small shop at Yu Hua village located at Jurong East. It was a mere 650sqft and operates with just 5 staff. 23 years on and now Swee Heng has 20 outlets spread over the island with a manpower strength of about 200 workers and a 15000sqft factory located at 24 Senoko Crescent that operates round the clock. But the island wide family bakery chain was hatched in an unexpected way – the result of the government’s land reclamation developments.

Recounting the memories by the company director, Mr Ng Chai Huat, “It was back in 1989 when the government took back the land that we had at Lim Chu Kang. We had a poultry farm business back then. We had no choice but to consider other options. My eldest daughter was doing an internship at that time with a small bread shop and just so happens that the owner was looking to sell the business. We had a family meeting and the rest was history”.

It was also natural that the shop was named after Mr Ng’s father, the late Mr Ng Swee Heng. Mr Ng’s father names his farm after himself when he started the business back in China more than a century ago. The name was retained when Mr Ng started his own farm in Singapore. The 100 year old sign board which was used in China now hangs proudly in the office as a way of remembering the efforts that the ancestors have put in and to remind the younger generation to be thankful of what they have and not to rest on their laurels but to keep on improving.

And so the 1st Swee Heng shop was opened on 15th Dec 1989 at Yu Hua Village in Jurong East. It was a modest 650sqft shop. Everything was done within the family, from baking to managing the shop. The whole family was involved and working up to 16 hours a day was normal. The family’s hard work paid off and after 3 years, a 2nd outlet was started in Chua Chu Kang and another one in Fajar a year later.

The company strives to provide the best for their customers so they ventured into the concept of having a bakery in the shop to provide fresh bread right from the oven. It proves to be a winning strategy as business improves by 15% to 20%.

Not forgetting the Muslim population, Swee Heng went on to attain the Halal certification in January 2011 and therefore reaching out to even more consumers. This is further emphasized by the company’s vision of going towards being the leading Halal Bakery in Singapore.

Swee Heng also achieved the HACCP certification in 2009 to further illustrate Swee Heng’s desire to provide quality products to the public. Over the years, Swee Heng had achieve numerous accolades and the most recent was the Singapore Brands 2011 and the SMEs 500 2012 Awards.

Swee Heng is dedicated to providing the best confectionery products and service to all its customers because we have been Baking with Passion since 1989.